Leander van het Groenewoud knew he had music inside him, knew there was something he wanted to say. But it wasn’t until he made friends with three people, three distinct souls that he was able to unlock it.

Forming Lee Anderson, the Belgian four-piece had almost instant chemistry, each pushing each other to fresh heights. Life brought them together, but music kept it that way. “It just happened,” says Leander. “It’s the classic story, I guess. I have more trust in my own songwriting now. It’s evolving in a good way, a natural way.”

Rough-hewn folk melodies matched to rough blues-driven emotion, Lee Anderson’s sound is classic but perfectly fresh, easy on the ear but devastating for the heart. Naming The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and American legend Tim Hardin as key touchstones, the band’s work feels entirely natural, wholly organic.

“There’s an instant feeling,” he explains. “It’s almost effortless. If I’m not happy I won’t push it. I trust those musicians, and that makes them confident.”

Writing and recording songs in their drummer’s attic base, Lee Anderson are winning over fans one show at a time, making connections each and every night. For Leander, there is simply nothing more important than getting his music heard.

“I think for every artist it’s cathartic,” he insists. “It’s like the cleansing of the soul, for me. I really need it because if I don’t do that I really don’t know what I’d be doing. It’s a stress release.” 

Despite the deep experience of all involved Lee Anderson is a new voice, and there’s a sweet innocence to their work that can’t help but feel contagious. “It’s all new for me,” he insists. “It’s exciting and also terrifying. I’m really an apprentice.”